About us

GPC is a highly qualified team of construction experts, all generally having over 20 years of professional experience in the construction sector, sharing expertise across program management, commercial and contract management, contract administration and procurement for the building, civil engineering, manufacturing and mining industries.

We use these qualifications to marry technical and legal knowledge of the construction sector, which makes us uniquely able to accurately identify risks quickly and break down the issues for our clients into something manageable and, most importantly, easy to understand. Having worked for contractors, principals, financiers and other institutions during their respective careers, GPC is collectively a highly specialised unit with an enormous knowledge pool made available to our clients.

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Best practice is always at the forefront of our services. We draw from the specialised experience of our consultancy staff, all of whom hold dual qualifications in a technical and legal field, to find the most suitable approach for your construction project.
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We are independent and privately owned, without external affiliations. We are driven by a genuine passion for assisting our clients to deliver their projects on time and within budget. As such, our recommendations are always made in the best interests of our clients.


We view all of our clients as ‘project partners’. Their success is our success. Thus, we are invested in providing practical tools to protect our clients’ interests and to achieve their business goals.