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TAS Adjudicators
  • GPC TAS Adjudication Application Form.docx
  • GPC TAS Adjudication Certificate Request.docx
  • GPC TAS Adjudication Response.doc
  • GPC TAS Notice of Intent.doc
  • GPC TAS Notice of Suspension.doc
  • GPC TAS Payment Claim.doc
  • GPC TAS Payment Schedule.doc
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SA Adjudicators
  • GPC SA Adjudication Application Form.docx
  • GPC SA Adjudication Certificate Request.docx
  • GPC SA Adjudication Response.doc
  • GPC SA Notice of Intent.doc
  • GPC SA Notice of Suspension.doc
  • GPC SA Payment Claim.doc
  • GPC SA Payment Schedule.doc
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QLD Adjudicators
  • GPC QLD Adjudication Response.docx
  • GPC QLD Notice of Suspension.doc
  • GPC QLD Payment Claim.docx
  • GPC QLD Payment Schedule.doc
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NSW Adjudicators
  • GPC NSW Adjudication Application Form
  • GPC NSW Adjudication Response.doc
  • GPC NSW Notice of Intent.doc
  • GPC NSW Notice of Suspension.doc
  • GPC NSW Payment Claim.doc
  • GPC NSW Payment Schedule.doc
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ACT Adjudicators
  • GPC ACT Adjudication Application Form.docx
  • GPC ACT Adjudication Response.docx
  • GPC ACT Notice of Suspension.docx
  • GPC ACT Payment Claim.docx
  • GPC ACT Payment Schedule.docx
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