The role of a quantity surveyor, such as Guardian Property and Construction (GPC), is to predict and evaluate the costs of a construction project. This includes the costs during construction, as well as the maintenance costs once the project has been completed.

Quantity surveyors can perform this service for a wide range of construction projects, though they may specialise. Projects that you may require a quantity surveyor for include residential complexes, roads, transport infrastructure such as train tracks, tunnels, hospitals, industrial facilities, educational buildings, offices, retail outlets, and more.

The role of the quantity surveyor may begin in the early stages when feasibility is being considered. Their role is likely to continue right through to the completion of the project and beyond.

What precise jobs does a quantity surveyor undertake, and how?

A quantity surveyor such as Guardian Property and Construction or Guardian PC for short may perform the following tasks as part of a building or construction project:

A large part of a quantity surveyor’s duties relates to the calculation or quantification of cost, of a project that is going to be completed or has already been completed. These include all necessary costs including materials, contractors, and labour. This costing can be a vital step for financing and for construction companies that are borrowing from the bank.

What are the benefits of partnering with a quantity surveyor?

There are a wide number of benefits to partnering with a quantity surveyor. By partnering with a quantity surveyor, you can utilise a wide range of information that would not be available to you otherwise – without which, you may not be able to complete a project at all, or only at an inordinately high risk of failure or financial strife.

Partnering with Guardian Property and Construction

Here at Guardian PC, our core skills include the financial and contractual management of engineering services projects from feasibility to final account. We have a strong focus on service delivery and claims mitigation, as well as expertise in tender, negotiation, quantification and valuation of engineering works, risk identification, and the analysis and management of delays and their possible effect on project delivery.

For more information on our quantity surveying services, and related services including contract reviews, claims management and adjudication, Security of Payment act and adjudication, virtual project diaries, subcontractor disputes, virtual safety walks, construction business advisory, and engineering business advisory, contact Guardian PC. You can reach us on (02) 8316 7510 or