If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So goes the old saying and it is definitely true of the construction sector, where planning is essential to a productive project.

It is not uncommon for construction companies to find themselves at a crossroads when planning for a construction project. This often occurs when they encounter a level of complexity that they have not experienced before.

For example, they may be a new company that has developed and is led by individuals who do not yet have the experience to tackle complex construction projects without support. Or they may be a company that has been around for a long time but suddenly faces an increase in clients, a larger construction job than they are accustomed to, or a new type of project that they haven’t worked on before.

If you have run into complexity in the planning process and are unsure how to proceed with confidence, you may wish to draw upon the services of a construction expert who can offer construction and engineering business advisory services.

Guardian PC is a trusted construction expert that can offer services such as security of payment act and adjudication, construction contract reviews, subcontractor disputes, and virtual safety walks and diaries. In this article, we outline how a construction expert may be able to assist in the planning phases.

Initial setup of tender/construction programs

A construction industry expert like Guardian PC can assist with the set-up of the construction program. A well thought out construction program is the backbone of any successful construction project and hence expertise is critical at this point especially.

All good construction consultants have significant experience in the sector which they can bring to bear upon the development of your construction program. They can provide advice on the timelines, selection of contractors, anticipated delays, risk mitigation, and other considerations central to the development of the construction program.

They can also help to set up the tendering process, with an eye to ensuring that the correct companies are putting in a tender, and that the work required is accurately articulated.

Record keeping

Without record keeping, it is easy for a project to become unwieldy, and hard to track, particularly when you are working from a remote location. This can necessitate a higher number of unnecessary site visits but even this may not be able to make up inadequate record keeping efforts from the outset. Hence, it is vital to establish proper record keeping processes and procedures. A construction expert can assist by recommending record keeping technologies, providing advice on record keeping processes, and helping you to ensure you are fully aware of the role of record keeping and using the records you have to full effect – for this project and future projects.

Program analysis and delay analysis

It is one thing to establish the program in the first place, it is another to assess how it is tracking midway through. This can be hard to gauge for the inexperienced, but what can be even harder is knowing how to correct a project that is veering away from the program. Small delays can have a massive impact, not just for that phase of the project but for later phases. Everything can have a domino effect, but this can be minimised by timely and effective program analysis. Knowing where you stand can help you make important decisions midway through the project.

CPM analysis

CPM analysis stands for critical path method, and it is an approach to identifying the necessary steps to the completion of a construction project. Everything is interdependent during a construction project, so everything needs to fit in at exactly the right moment. Hence, CPM analysis can help to flesh out a thorough and complete construction program and project timeline, that helps you to achieve your project goals. However, any path needs to be flexible to allow for any delays or other setbacks, and hence flexibility is a key part of CPM analysis. Ultimately, CPM analysis will assist in recognising interdependencies between tasks, recognising the most important or pivotal tasks, and determining necessary timeframes.

Software training

Projects succeed to the extent that they are supplied with the software and technology that enables them to succeed. Certain construction software and technologies could be the key to unlocking new levels of construction productivity and efficiency. However, these technologies can be complex, and often require expert support to train staff in their use. This requires a construction consultant who can identify the correct technologies to support your project and offer software training.

Taking the next steps

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