Have you ever wondered about the services offered by construction and engineering business advisers such as Guardian PC, and how you might benefit from them? In this article, our construction experts will outline just a handful of the many services offered by construction consultants, from claims management to contract reviews.


Have you not received payments to schedule? Or is money being demanded of you that you feel you should not have to pay? If this is the case, you may benefit from the services of construction and engineering business advisers.

It is not uncommon for those owing money to craft a dispute to avoid or delay payment, or to try to manipulate an acceptance of late payment with future promises. However, the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act is designed to help to recover these payments that are due.

This process is handled through a suitably qualified and independent adjudicator, who has a period to weigh in with a determination. It is up to the business to instigate the adjudication proceedings to recover their debt. This process is often able to keep the matter out of court and provide a more simple and cost-effective resolution.

Whether you need support with payment claims, payment schedules, adjudication applications, adjudication response, payment withholdings, notices of suspension, or other aspects of adjudication, we are here to help.

Construction contract reviews

Contracts are the foundation of any business or engineering project. No man is an island, and it is of course necessary to partner with contractors, subcontractors, and other parties during a construction project. This necessarily involves a large number of complex agreements between parties, and this carries a large risk for those who go into such dealings unprepared.

While certain actions are unacceptable regardless of whether a contract is draw up to cover them, the law will not save you in every instance; successful adjudication and incentivisation of payment can depend on the establishment and use of a series of appropriate contracts that stipulate the agreement in writing, and outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Construction and engineering business advisers can help you to produce the necessary contracts for a wide range of different business relationships. In fact, on our website, you can view our contract review templates, to see the style of in-depth advice and guidance we are able to provide to our clients due to years of experience in the building and engineering industry.

We also offer a suite of contracts, ready-made for a quick turnaround for your business dealings, which includes terms of sale, purchase order terms and conditions, sub-consultancy agreement, subcontractor agreement with guarantor, subcontractor agreement with no signature, and supply agreement.

Business advisory

On top of contract reviews, contract development, and adjudication services, consultants may be able to assist with business advisory. This is a more specialised service that includes the provision of business advice based on your unique business and its relationships and workflows, as well as support with the planning and implementation of an effective business strategy.

The value in construction and engineering business advisory is that you can draw upon the wide-ranging experience of the business consultant, who will be providing advice on the basis of their exposure to a wide range of situations and settings, and their awareness of what is effective and what will hold you back.

You may wish to engage construction, building and engineering business advisory services if you:

These are just a few of the motivations that a business may have when they seek out a construction business adviser.

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