Construction consulting is the process of an expert in the construction industry offering advice to their clients (who are typically contractors, principals, financiers and other institutions), with the purpose of helping their clients to complete their intended projects on budget, on schedule, with minimum risk and maximum benefit. A client may hire a consultant to support project management, from the start to finish of a given project.

Construction consultants are typically highly experienced construction professionals with over 15 to 20 years of experience in the sector. This experience spans program management, commercial and contract management, and contract administration, as well as procurement for building, civil engineering, manufacturing and mining industries. Necessary competencies include skills in financial forecasting, assessment of environmental risk, and intuition and experience to foresee progress and risk.

The role of the construction consultant is both proactive and reactive. They will proactively anticipate problems that may arise, providing advice on how to avoid these. When an issue does arise, they will help to implement remedial action that restores the project and helps it to continue as intended.

The role of a construction consultant may include the following services:

Other services offered by a construction consultant

It may or may not include quantity surveying, forensic engineering, cost planning, project management, and development management; project feasibility studies; cost management and cost planning; detailed budget estimates; construction schedule advisory and monitoring, including timeline development; tender application preparation and advice; lodgement support and advice; contract compliance monitoring; site inspections; expert witness services; financial advice on insurance, sinking funds and more; liaison with vendors; assessment of building blueprints; breakdown of technical information into simple, understandable language for clients; and more.

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